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    Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian
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    Just the pixel is an extremely exciting and addictive game with lively music, fascinating pixel-art graphics and 300 breathtaking levels that take you back to your childhood. Just the pixel has nothing superfluous: just cut the field, receive bonuses and then cut the field again. Each enemy is unique and requires a unique approach. While playing the game, you'll find many surprises that will remind you of... Well, you'd better see everything with your own eyes. Secrets and bonus levels, monsters and surprises—but only for the best of our players. A world of fun is awaited. So what are you waiting for? Get stated! Enjoy the game.
  • Features
    • It's very easy to start playing: Cut the field and do not let the enemy catch you.
    • There are multiple levels with attractive pixel-art graphics. Are you already feeling nostalgia?
    • Each new level is more difficult than the previous level... Can you complete them ALL?
    • Prove that you're the best and become first on the leader board.
    • The levels can be up-dated. Restart a level and enter another field.
    • Different  enemies—you never know what to expect from them.
    • Just the pixel is ideal for sensor devices. You can play anywhere, even on the move.
    • Lots of satisfaction and awards... Get them all.
    • Just the pixel is a trend setter in its genre.
    • Unlock new levels and locations—up to the very last level.
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