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    Can there be anything new about a simple calculator app? Only its simplicity and usability really matter. How tosolve problems with difficult fractions, logarithms and other complex calculations, how to plot a graph?Youcan simply enter the task into the application. The App also has a bonus for students — a convenient collection of all the basic geometry and algebra. The market is currently flooded with a variety of applications for calculations. It may seem that there’s nothing to add. But even here there is an opportunity to create somethingspecial. Most existing applications are only suitable for specific purposes, and those that combine many functions are too complex for frequent use. MY calculator will change the situation!
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    MY calculator app has a simpleinterface that allows you entering any problem by just typing in what you see. Dealing with complex fractional expressionsis not easy, but MY calculator can solve this problem. Any multi-storey fractions can now be easily solved, and all you have to do is to enter them into the app. Fractional, logarithmic, trigonometric and other expressions can be a challenge. With this app,one click is enough to plot anygraph, highlight the required points and see the coordinates. Have a look: now everyone can do the problems that the previous generations of students struggled with. Students who are getting ready for the state exams need to remember a lot of rules and formulas. They have to look forthese on the Internet, which takes a lotof time and effort. MY calculator has a handy collection of all the basic formulas of algebra and geometry, organized in a convenient way, in a clear and user-friendly format. Try MY calculator, and you will be surprised at how simple mathematics has become. You will enjoy nice design, usability and functionality of this app.
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